White Elephant Gifts

So you're headed off to your White Elephant party, did you get what would be considered a White Elephant gift? Maybe you're not sure, so let's explore exactly what makes something an ideal gift. If you've read about the history of the White Elephant then you already have a pretty good idea of what is expected when it comes to this type of Christmas party.

The main thing to remember when picking out a White Elephant gift is you want to get something that is unwanted and considered more burdensome than anything else. Don't bother trying to find the newest and most sought after items, that's not what this kind of party is all about. It's about finding gifts that will make everyone laugh and leave the recipient with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Think of gifts that no one would want to receive and when you've come up with the absolute most undesirable gift, well then, you've found your White Elephant gift this Christmas season.

GAG Gifts

A popular theme amongst these parties are gag gifts. Gag gifts are funny in nature and are completely useless as well, making them the perfect type of gift for a White Elephant exchange.

Funny Gifts

Funny gifts are another popular way to go for White Elephant exchanges, they bring laughter amongst the group that are participating. These types of gifts can really help to lighten the mood of the party, especially if you're with people you aren't well acquainted with.

Novelty Gifts

These gifts aren't considered to be very practical, although some people may not actually mind to receive them. Yes, the point is to give a gift that is unwanted, but if the theme of your party is novelty items, then the gifts may not be that unpopular.

Rude Gifts

If your party is with work colleagues this type of gift maybe a bit of a challenge to pull off. Although people should know the point of a White Elephant party is to have a good time and not take things so seriously, it still could be a bit challenging to bring a rude gift to your work party. Rude gifts are normally sexual and/or vulgar in nature, so it's best to stick with this theme with people who are more relaxed and not too serious. Having said that, rude gifts can make a party so much fun and really help people to loosen up and have a great time.

DIY Gifts

These types of gifts can be super fun to give because part of the enjoyment is coming up with a do it yourself present and then actually personally handcrafting it. These types of gifts can be very unique, so even if the gift is useless the person who receives it may just like it because they know that it was specially crafted. Before you start to let your creativity run wild, make sure that the theme of the party is to make the gift yourself because if everyone else is buying their gifts your handmade offering may not be well received by others.

Gender-Neutral Gifts

When choosing the perfect White Elephant gift it's important to remember that you aren't buying for a specific person, so do your best to make sure it works for a male or female. Fortunately, many of the White Elephant gifts are not geared specifically towards men or women, which makes it simpler when searching for the perfect item.

Now that you have a good idea of all the different types of White Elephant gifts there are you are probably wondering where exactly you find all of them. Well, look no further! We have all of the newest and best White Elephant gifts for your Christmas party of 2017. We have funny gifts, gag gifts, rude gifts, gender-neutral gifts and so many more. We don't have DIY gifts but it's pretty self-explanatory why we don't.

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Don't forget to have fun when shopping for your White Elephant gift this Christmas and remember that the more ridiculous and useless the gift the better.